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The Nature of Dental Implant Surgery
2 months ago

There may come a time when you will suffer damage to your teeth in an accident, through decay, or as a normal gradual deterioration and wear and tear. In case you have to lose a tooth, you need to think of the various ways available to replace it. In the past, people went with dentures, as this was the best thing they could do. But dental implants in Toronto are the new way to go since they offer more support and look and feel as the natural teeth did.

Dental implant surgery is something you need to discuss with your dentist, to know whether it is the right procedure, and the right time for you to go for it. When you sit down with them, you will discuss various things about the procedure, to see if it is right for you.


Dental implant surgery is resorted to in special cases. This is not a solution for all dental issues. For one, those who are to undergo it must have lost a tooth, but still, have good oral health and enough healthy bone for anchoring the implants. The dentist will have to do an x-ray to determine that. Apart from that, they will investigate your general health, and find out whether you are on medication for any other conditions. Those might interfere with this procedure.


The procedure itself needs several visits to be complete. They normally begin with the application of local anesthesia, followed by an incision into your gum to reveal the jaw. They will proceed to drill a hole into the done for the implant, after which they will stitch the gum around it. They will then x-ray the area, to be certain the alignment is perfect. The bone shall over time attach to the implant. After the attachment, the next session shall commence. They will now make an incision to expose the implant. Once exposed, they will remove the protective screw, and replace it with an abutment. This shall need a few weeks to heal, after which the dentist shall install a bridge or crown in the next session.


There is always the risk of the implant settling on a nerve. It is not a common occurrence but can be fixed if it happens. The risk of infection is higher, but that is easily addressed. The complexities of this procedure and its several stages are however rewarded handsomely with the next best thing to natural teeth.


With dental implant surgery, you shall have your smile restored, and your teeth functioning as they used to. There is no limit to how you can use these implants, just as there was none on your normal teeth. Get additional information now about dental implant services.

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